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BBC Class Schedule


BBC offers 4 options for Natural Childbirth Classes ~ join us!

#1 A 5-week series in which we get a chance to cover a lot of topics very thoroughly through hands-on actives, games, videos, lecture, and a lot of fun interaction.
When: Wednesdays, 6:30—9pm
Cost: $105.00

#2 A one –day crash course is perfect if your schedule doesn’t allow for the full 5 week session. It is just like it sounds. As much info and hands-on practice as we can immerse you in on a fun filled Saturday.
When: Saturdays, 9:00 am—3 pm
Cost: $85.00

#3 A 3 week refresher course will help prepare you for baby number 2 (or 3 or 4). It helps to process the previous birth experience and make this one it’s own.
When: Wednesdays, 6:30pm—9pm Cost: $75.00
* Note it is the middle 3 classes of 5 week series

#4 Lastly, we teach private one on one classes that usually cover specific topics over 3-4 hours . All the classes are geared to prepare and empower you to have the wonderful birth you want.
When: Scheduled as needed
Cost is $25.00 hr/min 3 hrs

All of our classes give you tangible tools to take with you into your labor, but even more importantly, our hope is you leave empowered and informed of your choices.

2011 Babies...Welcome to the World, Little Ones!

*April 2nd - Welcome baby Whitney! Mom and Dad were ready to be patient, but you decided to show up ahead of schedule... and what a gift. An amazing birth, with two fabulous parents.

*March 29th - What a busy month! James Thomas was welcomed by his inspiring parents and his big brother, Jackson... in a fabulous VBAC birth. Congrats to you all!

*March 6th - Maryn Elsa joined her big sisters, and Mom and Dad could not be more in love. She is precious, and her parents are two absolutely incredible people - strong, perceptive, and beautiful in spirit. What a memorable and unforgettable birth!

*March 1st - I know we say AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and all those adjectives a lot - but this birth!!!! So powerful and strong! Mom had a natural normal delivery. Great - but it was after TWO C-SECTIONS!! VBA2C we call them and they are VERY rare!! Such support and power in the room. Welcome Dylan Patrick and thank you for trailblazing a way for other VBA2C's to come!!!

* February 24th - #7 in a long line of brothers and one sister... Judah joined his family. A precious new life, so welcome and loved! Mom was absolutely amazing - intuitive, calm, steady - and Dad was a support beyond measure. You are treasures!

* February 8th - How many of you were at 7 cm and wanting a deck of cards to play with while you "waited" for labor to "begin"???? Once it did - Robert was ushered quickly into the waiting arms of his mom & dad and met his big sister Mae! Amazing!

* February 7th - Baby Ruby changed the song... to Ruby Monday! Her birth was swift, powerful, and so welcome. Mom and Dad were absolutely wonderful together - so in tune and focused. You're stronger than you believed!

* January 29th - Isaiah Benjamin was danced into at 6:15 a.m. His mother swayed and moved that baby down having a quick and wonderful labor in the process. Congrats Mom & Dad!

* January 18th - After a labor without any doubt in the air, Miss Olive was born and welcomed by her beautiful parents and big brother Jonah!

* Right on target to wish everyone a Happy New Year's, Gray Ellis (isn't that a great name?) was born on January 1st, 2011. A great birthdate, too... 1/1/11! Congratulations to his amazing parents and grandparents!

2010 Babies...Welcome to the World, Little Ones!

*December 29th - just in time for tax deadline - Miss Ella decided she was done and ready to come out NOW. The most amazingly quiet and peaceful baby! To many years of peace and quiet for your parents! Congrats!

* Snowstorm almost caused Mr. Aiden Mark to be born without Daddy! Early and a labor "that only really hurt for about 45 minutes" left all support unaware that the time was now! Parklot - I mean Mt. Hope added to the delay but all was well and all are healthy and happy!!! Early Christmas Gift!

* Baby Grace, who's name tops the year, joined her Mommy and three big brothers on November 24th, making it a very busy week! Congratulations to this wonderful family!

* Kyler made a fabulous entrance into the world to be a part of a very special family on November 23rd. His big sister is proud and his parents were strong and such a beautiful support to each other!

* Jonah gave his parent a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving week! Support and strength in all the right places! Congrats Family!!

* Twins! Edward and Emerson (Eddie & Emmy) joined their Mom and Dad on November 8th... as different and precious as twins can possibly be. Beautiful, ready to nurse, and a joy to their family. Congrats!!

* Arriving at the hospital pushing! Love it! November 5th, Lucy Blue gently was born. The attending Doc (who has been practicing a while) said "One of the most beautiful births I've seen". Just lovely!

* Before they knew what hit them, on September 16th...Miss Grace just couldn't wait to met her loving and wonderful parents! Their beautiful love for each other could only be completed by her arrival.

* On September 15th, Robert Aidyn flew into the world to join his two big brothers! Literally, it was a quick, peaceful, and celebrated birth - with two amazing parents. I am so thrilled for you all!

* September 2nd, after 8 1/2 hours of pushing...yes almost 9 hours, Mr. Eli made his way under only the power of his amazing AMAZING mother. She had tremendous support by the SMG and a super loving husband!

* September already! Perfect timing for this growing family of five - Ivan Rudy became the new little brother. Strong, calm parents, and a wonderful and loving home to grow up in. Congratulations!!

* August 29th, Regan decided it takes only 80 hours to make an appearance! No way to explain the strength of character, spirit and body that his mother has. Keeping her on track, her husband, John was with her every second!

* The 11th of August welcomed Mary Grace - a precious baby girl to fill her Mama's arms. It was a long birth, but Mom was so strong, brave, and patient. What a team!

* August showed up, and so did Ahma! A birth that was peaceful, serene, and uncomplicated. Her amazing mother, and incredibly supportive dad, welcomed her with open arms.

* On July 22nd, the busy summer greeted a happy, healthy baby John - who's delighted parents were so thrilled to finally meet him. You have a terrific family!

* July 21st, Danti James was greeted by a very surprised mother (who was told it was a girl). After getting over the shock, she fell in love and the rest is history!

* July 3rd brought a surprise birth for BBC. While backing up another doula, Ms. Madeline was ushered into the world by two very amazing parents that went above and beyond their imagination of strength. All natural, baby!

* July 2nd came and brought with it lovely Isabella. She was fast, determined, and beautiful. Congrats to Genevieve, Asumani, and big brother, John!

* June 15th the now famous (on Facebook at least...has his own fan page) Elliot Thomas Babcock-Steiner came to join the family he was totally meant to have. You couldn't be more loved, little one!

* June 15th was quite a day! Welcome to Nina Kathryn - a healthy little one who is quite happy to be in her parent's arms. The way she listened to her Daddy's voice! It was a beautiful VBAC birth, full of strength and quiet determination. Congrats!

* June 4th Mr. Jonathan was brought into the world! His mama and her back worked very long and very hard. His papa was the best support ever! And his kitty siblings love all of his stuff. Congrats Guys!

* On May 14th , John "Jack" Rolland was born to a very strong mama. At one point the comment was made by a doctor visiting the room "I think she is the only one here not hooked up to anything!" LOVE IT!

* On May 12th, Evelyn Joyce was born in a most peaceful and serene birth - to a set of parents who were strong and confident about the nature of labor. Congratulations to you all - you are a blessing!

* April was a busy month! On the 26th, two weeks after her due date - in typical 'family fashion,' Gracie joined big brother, Jonah. They already have something in common. Except for the part where Gracie's birth was 3 1/2 hours! Mom and Dad - you were patient and strong, and my heroes!

* Aiden Michael was welcomed into his beautiful happy family on April 11th. His parents can't stop smiling! Handsome Boy!

* April 3rd - and we've added another beautiful little girl to the world! Jordan Elizabeth came - as fast as she possibly could - to greet us. Just two days after Daddy's birthday... the perfect gift. It's a good thing he remembered to finally tie his shoes after she was born! Congrats to a fabulous couple and a loving family.

* March came in like a lion, and brought sweet baby Callie with it on the eighth of the month... What a precious gift! Mom was determined, beautiful, and strong - and had 100% loving support from Dad. Congratulations to big brother, Jack, too! I'm so proud of you all!

* Starting the New Year off right, Ryan Benjamin made his appearance on January 23rd, 2010. Congratulations to this wonderful family! His parents were strong, beautiful, and patient - and this little star is blessed to call them "Mom and Dad..."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Transition unto Transformation

My family is currently experiencing what I believe to be the throws of transition... So it got me thinking about birth (of course), because what we're doing is birthing a new day for our household. For a couple of years now we have been juggling the idea of actually settling into Rochester, finding that 'permanent job,' buying the house in the country, rounding off our family with this 'last' little one. Finding our groove. Basically ~ early labor.

Exactly a year ago we hit active labor hard and heavy ~ my husband landed a great job in a career of his choice, we gave birth to baby number five, and we sold our wonderful home in the city and moved out to a beautiful (but totally different!) country location. What a year. Non-stop action for twelve straight months. One might think that was it... labor pains done, on to greener pasture.

Along comes transition. Ahh - what a word. According to Wikipedia, " 'trans' is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side [of]." Transition is that incredibly real and somewhat treacherous part of the journey to the other side. Typically short-lived, it is the embodiment of pain, challenge, questioning and fear. What is happening? Why did we do this? I want to go home! Make it go away.

This is exactly where my family finds itself right now... worn out from active labor and in the midst of major transition. We're trying desperately to settle in and claim this new way of living - to find the rhythm of our labor as it moves fast and furious through our home. Gardens, flower beds, new work schedules, commutes to the city, new neighbors, pool maintenance, a busy toddler, bugs, snakes, chicken coops, clothes lines, wood burning furnaces, school work, major lawn mowing, children that grow like weeds, new doctors - dentists - hair dressers - stores - sports groups - clubs and more. The list goes on and on. Transition ~ crossing over ~ can be painful and it's hard work. But wait a minute...

A word about transition - it is most definitely not without its' merits. Transition is undoubtedly the most painful and frightening part of labor... the time when you wonder if you can possibly make it through. Many women contemplate the use of pain medications during transition (I'm currently considering chocolate by the truck load), they doubt their ability and strength (My husband is trying to figure out who this person is that he's married to and what happened to his wife) and they need access to unlimited support and reassurance (I'm about to call in the 'mother ship' for reinforcements). But this is also a time for 'crossing over' in our lives as women ~ finding a new strength and passion inside ourselves that we might not know exists. Drawing courage from deep within, leaning on the strengths in your life and moving forward with perseverance. You will be a different person for the experience ~ completely transformed.

Let transition work for you.

Now second stage... pushing! That is what I'm hanging on for. Work ~ with reward. Children running the countryside in bare feet, vegetables peeking their heads up out of the rich soil of my new garden, chickens laying eggs for little hands to collect, laundry blowing in the breeze, hot and lazy days of summer to jump in the swimming pool, a warm and cozy home heated with our own fire when the days once again turn cool, routine. Second stage just feels different, and the gifts are visible and within arm's reach!


Anja said...

How "coincidental" to be finding your words today, and perceiving them as written for me. I'm just about at the "I can't do this" moment in life, waiting for transition to end and allowing my Self to push. Push through, push forward, accept the change and more so welcome it with open arms.
Thanks for the inspiration and the uplifting thoughts. Much, much appreciated!

Chika said...

Such beautiful words indeed. I love reading it, knowing all that you are going through. I feel ready for a new labor (still metaphorically speaking... nothing with 10 fingers and 10 toes again just yet). Thank you!